Throughout all we have been through in the past few months, God has given me a peace about it. Something will happen, someone will say something that starts a fire or creates a mountain, but God puts that peace right back there. "I can't wait for this grey cloud to pass." Well put. God has taught me a lot through this process, and for that and more I am very thankful. Thank you for; my family, my friends, the process and journey, Case Mountain Community, Amadeo Community, Koinos Community, Victory Tabernacle Church, Pete and Debbie, and CIST. Thank you.



What do I do now? How do I say it? When will it all take place? What about the people? When will we know when the time is right? Why did this happen? How could we have prevented it? I am sad. I am scared. I am nervous. I am empty...




I am in a season of struggle. Please keep me in your prayers. I went to see the doctor yesterday, and he said that I might be allergic to my cat. So I am on allergy medicine, but my head still feels bad. I am coming up against some big walls with the church plant. A wise man once told me that a great leader is one who does not give up, but always perseveres. NEVER STOP! I know that God has some cool stuff on the horizon, but sometimes I get caught up in the moment.

I have been working on my next sermon for the church at Victory Tabernacle in Middlefield, CT. God is working me through the parable of the ten virgins, which is what I will be talking about on Feb. 15th. I am starting to realize what Jesus is talking about in this parable. He is beginning to flesh this parable out in my life and the lives of others around me. The fire is hot!

Pastor Eric



Dear ...,

I have good news, Case Mountain Community Church has been incorporated. For the past month, the servant team has been working on our Articles of Incorporation and bylaws. It took editing, reading, and re-editing of the docs and filing papers, but on January 31st the docs were given to the Secretary of the State's office, and in less than 24 hours, all was done. I was worried because sometimes / a lot of the time, the docs get sent back and changes must be made, but God gave us the knowledge and wisdom to get the job done. Thank you for your prayers. We desire to start Sunday gatherings on May 6th, so please keep that in your prayers (a location, organizing teams, families to join the journey, and all that is involved in starting to gather on Sunday mornings). Thanks.

Pastor Eric




What is awareness? What do we need to be aware of? How do we become more aware of something? These are some of the questions that I am grappling with as I prepare a talk for the leadership at the church I attend. I have determined that awareness is simply the act of knowing something; being conscious of something. I was taught that awareness is like an iceberg; 10% of the iceberg is out of the water, this is awareness, the stuff that you can see. It's like Mose at the burning bush, one minute he was walking with his father-in-laws flock and the next minute the ground he was walking on was holy. Did the ground really become holy in a matter of minutes, or did Mose become aware that the ground was always holy? Awareness comes about by intentionally engaging someone or something to see a bigger picture. Take Mose and God's story at the burning bush, God told Moses that the ground he was on is holy (knowledge of, or become conscious of something). Be good and be blessed. Peace.




A new kind of preaching. Maybe not new to me, but at least intriguing. I am studying narrative reading and preaching. It seems to be more freeing than topical reading and preaching. I have a lot to learn, but check this style of reading out. Google it! Amazon it! Or whatever. Just check it out.

May 6th will be our first Sunday gathering at 10:30am. Keep us in your prayers, we are trying to get everything ready for that day. Time goes by so fast. Also, tell everyone you know about Case Mountain Community Church, the website, and the gatherings. Be good and be blessed.

Peace be with you.




I am finding that love is not a noun, it is more of a verb. Not like a feeling, but more of seeking the greatest good of others. So what does that me? How do we seek the greatest good of others? Challenge. Serve. Teach. Listen.
These are a part of this bigger picture of love. America reveals a love of emotion and sex, but it is more than that, it is about others and their good. Think about your family or loved ones, at times you don't like them, but you love them and you want to see them succeed. So think about this next time you read Jesus' words of loving your neighbor as yourself or loving God. Remember that love is also about seeking the greatest good of others. Peace be with you...




Wait? Why? I don't want to...




For the past week, God has been bringing up childhood lessons. Most recently it has been, "two wrongs don't make a right". As I study for the servant leadership training, I have found this principle to be very powerful and helpful. "Should I do this or that", someone might say, "you should do the right thing", says the elder. Do the right thing! What does that look like? How do we do the right thing? Why is this age old principle so profound? At what point do we know when we are doing the right thing? Why should we do the right thing, can't it just be all about number one? Be good and be blessed.




I am in the process of doing a lot of things, and it is starting to weigh me down. My lower back is hurting, i have pain in my joints, and my belly is getting large. It is time for something to give, something to change. I am in the process of child birth, and I want my baby to come already. I can't sleep, I can't eat much, I am grouchy, and I just want my life back...




It's interesting, the church that I am a part of (Case Mountain Community) is performing the advent at their gatherings. Last week we learned that advent is arrival or coming, which is of Christ. We discussed the verse of Jesus speaking about Noah and no one knowing the time of the flood, Jesus said that this is how his second coming would be. Imagine that, everyone is doing their own thing, and wham, Jesus is back. What would that look like? How could we prepare ourselves for his return? He states that no one knows the time, then what does he want us to do? Does he expect or want us to build the ship? And what is the ship? The evangelicals would tell us to make sure everyone was born again, again. The charismatics might say that they should be saved and speaking in tongues. The Catholics might say that they need communion or the liturgy. But what does Christ Jesus want from us? What is he calling us to? As we near the celebrational time of his birth, lets take time to remember what he said. Be good and be blessed.


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So, I have been studying servant leadership because I am going to be teaching it in January, but I find it hard to fully describe beyond being a servant leader. It seems like you take everything from leadership training, and add in be a servant first and then you have servant leadership. What is servant leadership? What are so qualities or attributes of a servant leader? How do you create a culture of servant leadership? What is the result of a servant leadership culture? How can we apply this to our life? What did Jesus say about serving? What did Mose say about servant leadership? Peace be with you.

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So, good news, I am going to get ordained on January 14th at Victory Tabernacle Church in Middlefield, CT. Yesterday, I met with Pastor Pete and we went over our vision and goals for the next six months. He said yes and amen to all the thing that we had planned. I am so excited! So, this means that we will be starting our Sunday gatherings on May 6th in a rented facility. Throughout the next few months we will be exploring new children church programs and learning them, as well as beginning to teach them. I have a lot more to say, but I am saving it for the month of January. All of January I will be dream casting. Also, we will be having a guest speaker. I hope to see you at one of our gatherings. Bring a friend. Be good and be blessed.

It isn't really in depth stuff, but it's on my heart and I want to scream it from the top of Case Mountain.




This monday gathering was nice. We had our first advent experience. I love going through something and learning. It's cool, my neighbor has been teaching me about going through the process. "Focus on the process," he says. It's nice, because it keeps you in the present as well as the past and future. This is something I need to work on, slowing down and working through the process. It was nice to be still and seek God's presence tonight. We also celebrated Katie's birthday. I hope that this advent season is a blessing for you too. Be good and be blessed.

Keep my friend in prayer, he is starting sunday services soon. As well as all those who are sick this, and some in the hospital. Lastly, pray for everyone who says that want to be a part of Case Mountain Community, but do not come. Let them come and be filled with fresh water.



Dear ...,

Jesus, just like GOD, said I AM. What does that mean? What does that look like? I AM. Like I am a person, or a duck, or water, or spirit, or breath, or everything, or above everything, yet with everything. Last night at the gathering we explored the daily office and we discussed John 8. The conversation between the Pharisees and Jesus was awesome. Jesus did not stop them, but encouraged them to discuss the topic at hand. They would question Jesus, and then Jesus would question them. Jesus did not shut them up or put them in their place, He simply spoke to them in about their topic. Finally He put them in their place, but He let them work through their situation. That's cool, God seems to do that with us, right? Looking at pretty people, overeating, drunkedness, laziness, coffee drinking, but it seems that Jesus helps us through these situations by convicting us, telling it how it is, and then helping us through it. Be good and be blessed.




"Friends, don't complain about each other. A far greater complaint could be lodged against you, you know. The Judge is standing just around the corner."

Dear ...,

Complaining is very interesting to me, lately. What does it mean? Is James saying, "do not bitch about each other because biching does not accomplish anything"? This verse seems to be saying we should not complain about others because there are so many complants against us. Why do we complain against others? Why don't we live in peace whenever possible? What would it take to stop complaining? Why do I always here complaining...




On Thursday, Katie and I went to Chicago's Navy Pier. While we were on the Pier, we stopped at a magic store and I bought a cool coin trick. I wanted to get a few card tricks, but I thought I could wait and order them online. Anyways, what is the TRUE Christian view or point of magic and illusions. How do we know if it is okay or not? Miracles are okay, but put a cigarette through a quarter is not okay? I am just kinding, but where is the line, what is okay? All magic and illusions are bad? What if it served the purpose of a sermon or message? What if it cheered up a dying child or elderly man? Then is it okay? What if ...then is it okay?



I visited one of my favorite places in Chicago: Caribou Coffee. I was able to relax and work on my computer. I am working through vision and how to explain what I see. It appears that values, mission, purpose, goals, and desire is wrapped into vision. What do I desire for the future? What does it look like? What is the way to the vision? How do people become engaged in the vision? Is vision a part of this "Purpose Driven" society that we are in? Does this reflect the "Good to Great", seven points to success, culture that we find ourselves in? What if I knew that the future held community interactions with many people who are living good lives and seek to know and love God? Pray that His will be done on earth as it is in heaven...



"Caesar's," they replied. Then he said to them, "Give to Caesar what is Caesar's, and to God what is God's."

Dear ..., What a challanging verse! Which part is Caesar's, and which part is God's? Why do we have to give to both God and man? When do we give to God and to man? How much do we give to God and to man? Is this just a thought provoking phrase, or did He mean something? Was He speaking to us, or was He speaking to the religious leaders only? When do we know when it applies to our lives? Could we just glance over this passage and highlight the love stuff after? This verse appears to bring more questions. I know deep down that we should give to Caesar what he asks, and give to God what He asks, but sometimes it is hard when you have the smell of warm cookies in the air. Be good and be blessed.



Dear ...,

So it has been a few months, and I need to start writting again. I have started the church plant process with my wife, best friend, and home church. It's like the army (it's not a job, it's an adventure). Anyways, I have been able to use the worship gatherings on monday nights as an outlet for my thoughts, but I found that I need a daily avenue to let it all out. Plus, my hope is this helps me not download negative junk on my friends at the gatherings. Our gatherings have been awesome! We play songs, discuss certain topics at great lengths, have dessert and coffee, and get to meet new people. The servant team (Jason, Katie, and I) have been really enjoy the gatherings, as well as everyone else that comes out to hang out with us. I've decided to tell people that we are at a solid 1000 people, because it is not about numbers, it is about people and what God is doing in their lives (this is the stuff that I was talking about). Also, I would like to get back into sharing photos and thoughts on Scripture. I am on a parable kick.